Frozen Focus


Following last night’s mixed precipitation, I decided to shed my snowshoes and follow the snowmobile trail instead. The ice on this beech caught my eye as I crossed over the stonewall and into the field beside our house. Deer, a kazillion skunks and snowshoe hare had been out and about, but it was the snow and ice that I focused the lens on this morning. Each droplet a gift–I’ll let the photos tell the story.

hemlock 2

red maple 1

white pine 1

white pine 2

witch hazel 1

witch hazel 2

Tinder polypore

turkey tails

sensitive fern

One more thing. In his post, “Things I’ve Seen,” the author of NHGardenSolutions,  shared a photo of a zigzag scar on an Eastern Hemlock. I was wowed by it–had never noticed one before. Until . . . this morning. My find isn’t as zigzaggy as his, but it caught my attention.

crazy hemlock

What caused this? It’s along the snowmobile trail and may have been part of an old logging road. Crazy and beautiful, this mystery makes me wonder.

Thanks for joining me for another wonder-filled wander in the woods.

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    1. I’ve been recommending your blog to people for quite a while, so happy to mention it. Thanks for sharing the other blogger. I’ll check it out. Nature certainly is curious. Thanks again for taking a look.


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