Pool Side

Today was a day meant to be spent outside. Temp in the 60s, brilliant sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. It was almost too hot. Certainly a day to sit pool side.

I spent the late morning/early afternoon hours enjoying lunch at a picnic table outside The Good Life Market in Raymond, and interviewing a friend for an article. (Thanks JVP :-))  The Supreme Aubergine was delish even if I couldn’t pronounce its name. And she had the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad.

But that wasn’t enough time outdoors, so I packed up my camera, drawing supplies and stool, then headed out the back door later in the day.

mole work

Where the snow has melted in the yard, there is evidence of mole work. Though they eat some vegetation, moles are insectivores and they aerate the lawn. Let them eat grubs, I say.

Vole tunnel

Behind the barn, a vole tunnel melting in the snow. These little field mice are more destructive as they are herbivores, but there’s a cat who likes to hang out in our yard. Here kitty, kitty.

pussy willows 1

My destination was the vernal pools, but along the way I had to stop and smell, I mean touch, the pussy willows.


Spring’s certain harbinger.


Sadly, some teeny tiny midges attacked one of the willow trees last year.


The result, this pineapple-shaped gall. It has its own certain beauty and when you think about the number of papery scales and size of the insect that created it, it is amazing.


VP2–the vernal pool furthest from home. I stood there for a while, watching and listening.


And admiring the leaves below the water. They’ll soon provide the perfect hiding place for the wood frogs, who will disappear underneath when I approach.

pine candelabras

On my way back to VP1, the pool in the neighboring woodlot, the candelabras on the white pines again made their presence known.

leaves waiting to be released

It’s getting easier to walk along the rocks that form the perimeter of this pool and take it in from all sides. Here, the leaves wait to become part of the organic matter on the pool’s bottom.

leaves hanging on

While just above, others still cling to the mother tree.

water on vp

In the southwestern corner–water atop the ice.


Overall, a rather slushy topping. I set up my stool and sat to sketch it.


When I look at this now, it looks like the bubbles are frogs or something. Not so. Oh well. I was happy to be pool side . . . until I fell backward as the soft snow gave way. A reason to chuckle and head home.

Thanks for joining me to wonder as I wander.

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