OBX: Living the Dream

Thanks to my beautiful niece who married her true love on Friday night in Corolla, (Cor-RAH-la, not Cor-OLL-a), North Carolina, we spent most of the week living the dream on the Outer Banks.

over the dune

A running start was necessary to get up and over two dunes before reaching our hideaway destination.

the dream

We stayed at The Dream, literally, an 18-bedroom beach house only accessible via 4×4.


Frequently, we hiked over the dune to explore the shoreline, where we were greeted by . . .

shellshell 2

vibrant colors,


mosaic bubbles,

sand swirls

and sandy swirls.

The wildlife was abundant, both in sign and actual sitings.

whelkskate eggs 2

 Whelk egg and skate egg cases (aka, the little mermaid’s purse). This one is split open, so I suspect the young skate has emerged.


This skate, however,  became . . .

skate:birdskate meal


fiery searcher

Near the water’s edge I found a few beetles, like this one. It appears to be a Fiery Searcher, which is a caterpillar hunter. But . . . the habitat seems wrong, so if you know otherwise, please enlighten me.

fs 3

Further down the beach, I found one on its back. Check out those iridescent colors and patterns.

gullgrackleterns 2

Gulls, grackles and terns marched along the water’s edge, sometimes not caring that I was nearby and other times scattering quickly as I approached.

pelicans 1

Groups of pelicans often flew low over the water.

pelican dive 2

And then suddenly, they’d dive bomb. I was always too far away to see what they caught.

deer tracks

My camera wasn’t handy when I saw this deer cross the dunes by the house, but by his tracks I knew him.

red fox

We had several repeat visitors, including the red fox that passed by each night.

horse prints

And everyone’s favorite . . .

horses 2wild horses

the wild horses. They appear when you least expect it. Though their origin is not clear, it’s believed that they may have been inhabiting the Northern Outer Banks for the past 500 years.

looking northlooking south

looking east  looking west

Compass points: Looking north and south from the beach. Then east and west from Penny’s Hill, the second largest dune that happened to be located behind our house and was the site of the wedding.


An early morning shot of Penny’s Hill.

Penny's Hill sign

Signs lead the way.

wedding site

Elegant in its simplicity

tying the knot

for this young couple who tied the knot on May 22, 2015 at 5:30pm.

J & K

To Jaime and Kevin, “You’re beautiful and pretty and happy with love and pretty in the heart . . .”

Thank you both for letting us all wander and wonder and be a part of your dream. May your marriage be a happy, long and adventurous journey into the sunset.


6 thoughts on “OBX: Living the Dream

  1. Hi Leigh, Thank you so very much for letting me share your dream. I am so happy for your niece and I am too wishing her the very BEST, this coming from one who is married 58 most wonderful years. What a wonderful place. – Wolfgang and I backpacked once from Virginia into Maryland along the coast. We pretended we were the first people walking on this beach and we too saw so many wonderful “things”, like hundreds of swallows migrating, peregrine falcons migrating, all kinds of critters on the beach. We then after hiking about 13 miles set up our tent and during the night the wild horses too checked us out and the next morning they were around us and by me whistling loud they moved a little farther away from us. We will never forget that trip either. Ursula I will meet a few ladies tomorrow morning at 10 am at Shawnee Peak and we will look at the yellow lady’s slippers. My friend Linda Whiting sent me via e-mail yesterday a picture of 4 flowers in bloom. >

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    1. Ursula, Thank you so much for sharing your story of this beautiful place. 58 years–Wow! I love seeing you and Wolfgang together–your love for each other is evident. I’ll make sure my niece sees your comment. Enjoy those yellow lady slippers–such a special thing to see.


    1. Thanks Shirley. As we drove home yesterday and today, we kept commenting on how well everything went–from family time to wedding time. I’m so thankful that we all met and enjoyed this time together.


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