Layers Upon Layers

Life’s layers.

 ledges, rocks and roots-layers

The complexity of the natural world.

I look around and wonder. About the bedrock base. About the lichen and moss. About the specks of dirt that gather there. About the wildflowers, ferns and trees that take root.

stream layers

I think about how life flows along like a stream, transforming everything with its movement.

roots and layers

And how tangled it all seems at times.

Needles Eye 1

I wonder about the forces that create,

Causeway 1

and how they exist on so many different levels.

red pine 1

I’m baffled by the changes that are occurring

red pines healthy 2

but give thanks that not all is lost–yet.

summit today, 1

I look beyond and see that the layering continues into eternity.

red pine cones

And I’m grateful for a glimpse of what is yet to come.

My parents were my base, my first mentors–teaching me to read and write and ask questions and seek answers and accept that we can’t always know. Adding layer upon layer.

There’s so much I still don’t understand, but with each nugget of knowledge gained, the layers build. Maybe someday I’ll get it. Maybe I never will. Either way, I’m happy for the chance to journey and wonder.

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