Change is in the air

Pleasant Mountain was enshrouded in a blanket of gray when a friend and I headed up the trail this morning. And the muggies were upon us.

We stopped briefly because a new wildflower was in bloom near the trailhead.

Tick Trefoil

Tick Trefoil. Funny name for such a delicate flower. Trefoil refers to the fact that the compound leaves each have three leaflets. And tick–ugh–nobody likes ticks. In this case, the hairy pods that develop after it finishes flowering tend to stick to people and animal fur. Beggar’s lice is another common name. Geesh.

Ledges in fog

Despite being sultry, we hustled to the ledges and found the view to be pea-soup fog.

summit 1

The same was true at the summit.

summit 2

If the fire warden’s tower was still manned, the view would be limited.

summit 3, bit of blue

But then . . . a spot of blue.

summit 5, changing

The clouds rolled past

summit 6

and land forms came into view.

summit 7, emerging

An ever changing work of art. While the view continued to transform, it poured for a couple of minutes, which we welcomed.

wood lilies

We paused before descending via the same trail. A few days ago one wood lily caught our attention. This morning–four in bloom

wood lily--burst of light

offering a brilliant burst of color.

back to ledges--change is in the air

All the way down, the view became clearer

hang clouds

as the hang clouds quickly dissipated.

lovell rec 2

And it turned into the perfect day for Lovell Rec kids to examine nature up close and personal

lovell 4

while donning leaf berets.


Tonight–change is in the air.

(Disclaimer–if you received an earlier post from me, I’m sorry. I hit the publish button by mistake.)

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