Mondate Filled With Smiling Faces

We had many reasons to smile on yesterday’s Mondate.

It began about 5 a.m. when the Canada geese honked continuously. Their chorus was joined by quaking ducks. And then a loon chimed in.

I stepped onto the dock because I thought I heard the reason for the early morning cacophony.


This big guy.

bird flying

Eventually, he flew off and then I heard the crows across the pond, so I think I know where he stopped next.

mtn morning

Standing on the dock early in the morning provides pleasant views 🙂

Mid-morning, my guy and I drove to Hancock Pond in Denmark, to join F & B H. for a morning jaunt on their son’s forty-acre property. I’m always pleased to learn about people who purchase land to keep it from being developed, but still allow traditional uses. Such is the case here.

But before we hiked to the almost bald summit, we paused on their dock.

bob1As if on cue, their friend Bob stopped by

bob 2 smiling

and greeted us with a smile.

porky 1 jaw

On the trail, B asked me to identify this. He knew. I guessed wrong because I didn’t take the time to examine it closely. When will I ever learn? See the small mandible and the shape of the teeth?

porky 2, quills

And the little quills mixed? Yup, a baby porcupine.

pearly everlasting

The land was last harvested ten years ago, so it’s slowly transforming. Pearly everlasting blooms among the raspberries and blackberries, goldenrod and sweet fern on the trail that once served as a skidder road.


Acorns are forming on Northern red oaks, which stand beside white oaks. For me, it was curious to see the white oaks here. They’re a rare find in the woods I travel most frequently.

hancock pond

Near the summit, Hancock Pond came into view.

Pleasant Mountain

As did our beloved Pleasant Mountain.


Of all the flowers we saw, the prickly thistle was my favorite. A touch of Scotland that F and I share. We returned to their camp for a delicious lunch and a look at B’s stone art and books. We were in awe of his talent. And their love for each other–50 years strong. Thank you both for sharing your land, lunch and love with us.

A wee bit of barn painting was accomplished–one of these days it will be all red. We have almost completed scraping and priming three sides. It’s a sporadic job, to say the least.

Our day ended with a trip to Portland with our sons–we all needed a technology update. That gives me pause, of course. I liked life before all of this stuff, but I wouldn’t be writing this post without it.

Dinner out with my three guys–what’s not to smile about.

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  1. Thank you so much for yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. You are both soooo sweet and comfortable to be around. I didn’t write last night because we got home late, but it was all worth it.


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