Book of September

Our friends, Ben and Faith Hall, recently invited us to their summer camp to share their Maine place with us. We hiked and wondered and chatted for several hours, but it was what they showed us at the start of our visit and the end that really bookmarked the day–their friend Bob swam up to the dock and smiled at us. Oh, I know, that sounds like life the way it should be at the lake–friends pulling up to the dock to visit. But this is no ordinary friend. This is a fish. And after our hike, Faith pulled out several books Ben has written for their grandchildren–filled with photographs of stone pictures he creates to tell a story. Ben is quiet and humble and incredibly talented. Below is a pdf of his book about Bob. Please click on the link and enjoy. It’s only eight pages long, but well worth a look. (I hope you are able to open this as it’s a pdf) Thank you for letting me share this, Ben.

Bob: How to Train a Human

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