Mutual Fascination

meadowhawk 1

Spending even just a few minutes with a dragonfly is a fascinating experience.

meadow front view 2

We share a mutual curiosity about each other.

meadow hanging

I only wish I was half as interesting to look at as this meadowhawk.

meadowhawlk side view 3

Those compound eyes. And veined wings. That hairy body. And segmented tail. And those iridescent colors.

meadowhawk landing


grass climbing up

The band-winged grasshopper also commands my attention.

grass 3

It appears curious as well, but in a much shier manifestation.

grass scratching head

And sometimes, it just has to scratch its head.

grass side view

Again, it’s the compound eyes, segmented body parts, camouflage coloration and herring-bone pattern on its hind legs that draw my focus.

grass front view 2

As we played peek-a-boo, I wondered what there is about me that it finds fascinating.

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  1. We have a fascination with dragonflies, too……although our family calls them butterstingers! My boys called them that when they were little. We look for the dragonfly hatch in June….it means there will be fewer mosquitoes……….

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