Pondicherry Park Ponderings

I slipped into Pondicherry Park late this afternoon, my heart and mind heavy with thoughts of so many friends who have suffered in recent months.

In the quiet of this place, I recalled that a wise man once told me nature is a window on the world. (RIP: Bishop John–you are missed, but still with us)

I’m not sure that what I’m about to share is exactly what he had in mind, but nevertheless, this is how it looked to me today.

jigsaw puzzle

Life is a jigsaw puzzle and sometimes it seems that the pieces fit perfectly, while other times we try so hard to make them work together.

digging for answers

Always, we dig for answers.

be sensitive

Being sensitive to the needs of others and ourselves is key.

diamonds in the rough

Some moments (or hours or days or weeks) are diamonds in the rough–we just have to look for the glint.

interrupted plans

Interrupted plans are perhaps meant to give us time to pause and reconsider.

bittersweet tangles

Though it’s difficult to reconsider when the tangles are bittersweet . . .

forever scarred by the experience

and we know we’ll be forever scarred.

make the most of what life gives you

Sometimes we have to try our darnedest to make the most of what life gives us.

resilient tree 1 resilient tree 2 resilient tree 4

And be like this resilient tree that continues to grow despite the obstacles it met along the way.

unexpected growthsuse and abuse--I'm an OK leaf

There will always be unexpected forces at work that we can’t prevent.

sometimes the path is straight

We’d like to follow a straight and even path, but . . .

path changes texture

the texture may change and . . .

sometimes there's a new path to follow, not completely defined

there will be a new path to follow, not completely defined.

when life gives you stones, make stonewalls

When life gives us stones, we should build stonewalls.

displays of beauty 1

And cherish beautiful moments, no matter how small.

display of beauty 2

display of beauty 3

display of beauty 5

displays of beauty 4

things burrow their way under our skin

We need to let the moments when things burrow under our skin

water over the dam

wash away like water over the dam.

bridging the layers

The layers of life will forever keep us wondering.

sometimes even the stones speak--enjoy

Our best bet, listen to what the stone says.

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