Work-date Mondate

Sometimes we just have to settle down and work. Thus was the case today, when my guy and I drove to camp to winterize it and put some boats away.


I helped. Honest, I did. I hauled some of the plexi-glass for the porch up from the basement. And held the plexi-glass in place. And handed him bunches of screws and washers. And lifted the back end of the kayaks. And rolled up the hammock.

PM 2

But mostly, I played with my camera.

fall at camp

Recording the season is also important work.

PM 1

And I figured out how to get my telephoto lens to work again.

 no. red oak 2

I was thrilled to focus on the scenes before me, including these Northern red oak leaves

huckleberry leaves

and those of the huckleberries.

island 1

My lens caught the island views,

leaves on water

leaf tapestry,

loon 2

and loons in action.

witch hazel 1witch hazel nuts

And I couldn’t pass up the flowering witch hazel with its fruits forming. This is a shrub that knows all about work–whether as a divining rod to locate underground water or an extract with healing powers.

So you see, my guy and I both worked on this Mondate.

4 thoughts on “Work-date Mondate

  1. I didn’t know that huckleberries as well as blueberries had red foliage in the fall…….It must be beautiful around our cottage! I’ve never been there in the fall. It’s kind of bittersweet storing things for the winter, isn’t it? 🍁 🍁 😄. 🍂.

    Faith sent from my Ipad


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  2. Bittersweet it is, Faith. But I am looking forward to the coming months 🙂 If I have a chance later in the week, I’ll stop by your place and take a photo. Maybe Bob will grin at me–just saying.


  3. I had to look at some of your e-mails in a hurry earlier, here too was sooooo much work yet left todo before it gets too cold todo some of the chores. I think I made it pretty well. Glad to see that your camera is functioning real well, enjoyed all your photography. Ursula >


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