Welcoming Embrace

It was a wee bit foggy when I arrived at the trailhead for Bald Pate Mountain today. I was on a return reconnaissance mission in preparation for an upcoming hike for Loon Echo Land Trust.

As I walked along, I felt the welcoming embrace of the fog–soft in its touch as it enveloped me.

foggy trail

My intention was to hike to the Foster Pond Outlook first because it was getting dark earlier in the week when I’d visited. I was on my eternal search for bear claw marks. Instead, there were other discoveries to be made.

foggy pines

Like me, the pines were wrapped in the fog’s grace.

Foster Pond lookout

And the pond invisible, yet I trusted it was still there. 

beech leaveswitch hazel leaves

I discovered the light of the season . . . in leaves lingering still,.

birch bark

in bark appearing snowy,

young paper birch bark

in beauty revealing inward,

Brit 1

in miniatures branching upward,

droplets 1

in droplets anticipating release,

mountains floating

and mountains floating beyond.

This is the season of expectation. I expected to find bear claw marks, but didn’t. Instead, I found warmth and light. And some other cool things to share with others.

I welcomed the fog and its revelations. I reveled in its embrace. Happy am I for opening my eyes and heart and mind.


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    1. Oh my, it looks like another trip is in order – soon!
      In addition, the little cemetery that we passed on Hut Rd. has a stone for William Warren Durgin who, according to the inscription, was a Civil War soldier who was “One of Abraham Lincoln’s bearers and escort to Springfield, Ill. Helped place Remains in tomb.”

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