Amid the Hustle and Bustle

By mid morning, I was done making or purchasing gifts. Some wrapped, others await. And baking still to be done.

So, amid the hustle and bustle, I did what I do best–headed out the back door.

house & barn 1

Fog enveloped the day and added to the mystery of the season. Across the field, our house disappeared into the covering.

foggy trail

I followed the trail for a bit before slipping into the woods, where a quiet hush surrounded me.

drop 4


droplet 1

of water

drop 2


pine droplets


meadowsweet droplets


witch hazel droplet


grass droplets

of anticipation.

reindeer 1

Returning to the field I noticed movement.

deer 2

Reindeer watching.


Home again, we’re completing the wrapping as the aroma of Christmas treats fill the air. It won’t be long now. We’ll put the hustle and bustle behind us and celebrate the coming.

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