To you, my son

We walked from baggage check-in to the stairway in a matter of minutes and then he looked at me and said, “Well, this is it. Bye Mom.”

I’m never ready for that moment. And he knew it when I could barely squeeze out the words “I love you.” A hug and a kiss as tears welled in my eyes and off he went with his backpack and ski boots slung over his shoulders. Another semester before him with two more on the horizon.

During the hour-long drive home, I kept thinking about him and the fine young man he is becoming. And so it seemed only appropriate as I headed off for a late afternoon tramp in the woods that he should be on my mind.

This is to you, my son. I know you’ve already got much of life figured out and that you’ve always been perceptive, but you know me–I like to add my two cents for whatever it’s worth.

well traveled

Sometimes the trail you choose to follow will be well trodden.

nary a mammal

Other times, you’ll choose a path others haven’t considered.


Either way, you might encounter thorny bramble or

trail obstacles

a variety of obstacles.

rough things up

I know you won’t be afraid to rough things up as you consider your options.

cross boundaries

And I hope you’ll cross boundaries, mindful of other people’s property.

smooth skating

Occasionally, it will be smooth skating.

break through ice

But breaking through the ice isn’t all bad, especially if it leads you in a different direction.

Y 2 ask Y

Look for the Ys as you continue to ask questions.

seek answers

Seek answers, even if they aren’t totally fulfilling. Certainly, they’ll lead to more questions.

under skin 2 under your skin

Don’t let the little mites get under your skin, or they’ll eat away at you.

cache of hemlock cones

And don’t stockpile all your hemlock cones in one deer print or someone else may beat you to them.

grow and mature among peers

As you grow among your peers

clouds 2

reach for the sky.

find beauty 2

Find beauty in the simple things.

ice art 2

Let your thoughts crystalize.

find beauty

Share your ideas.

Home 1

And at the end of the day, don’t forget where home is.


To you, my son, we’ll always be here for you and we love you. Safe travels, study hard and make sure you get plenty of sleep. Love, Mom.




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  1. Such loving thoughts……..I’ve been in your shoes as we’ve raised two sons…….they’ll make you proud, as mine have made me……

    Faith sent from my Ipad


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