Fleeting Rays of Sunshine

After the past two days of rain and last night’s wild and woolly weather, this afternoon’s fleeting rays of sunshine were most welcome.

f-backyard start

Snow-eating fog enhanced the moment as

f-beech light1

ever-present beech leaves emitted their own specks of light.

f-sun rays 2

And suddenly my world was aglow.


So was my heart because I discovered that a friend had visited.

f-ear 1

f-ear 2

A fallen oak branch revealed a fun find: jelly ear fungi aka Auricularia auriula.
f-vernal pool2

And the vernal pool offered a reflective stance.

f-droplet embraces world

Within a single droplet, time was encapsulated.

f-tiny droplets

Elsewhere, numerous other droplets enhanced twigs and

f-tiny droplets 4b

hairy bristles.

f-tiny droplets 2

Pine needles displayed their own adornments as

f-white pine

new growth showed its preparation for the days ahead.

f-golden growth

All the while, former growth glowed in the knowledge of previous light while

f-white pine 3-yellow

some knew its days were waning.

f-dangling oak and pine

The same was true for others caught on a downward trend.


Beauty beheld glints of contradiction while

f-ripples 1

messages reverberated outward.

f-first church

A nearby spire gave off its own light filled with hope and direction as

f-waning light 2

the sun’s last rays bounced off gathered clouds.

f-house in fog 2

Fog once again enveloped the field and all who live here.

f-woodpecker hole1

One newly created bright spot captured my attention as I headed in.

f-home ending

Day is done. The fleeting rays of sunshine have moved beyond.





10 thoughts on “Fleeting Rays of Sunshine

  1. Wonderful photos! I’m glad to see your vernal pool after a year or so of nearby logging – it looks untouched.

    I had to leave my desk and get out in the woods yesterday when I saw that a glimpse of the sun was imminent. It was kind of magical.

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  2. Nice pics..loved the fog..any signs of Spring, since it must be coming early??

    How many times must the cannonballs fly before they’re forever banned? Bob Dylan

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    1. Just returned from an all day workshop in Augusta. Still chilly here. We have a tad bit of snow. None in the Augusta area. But other than that, no “real” signs of spring. Stay tuned, however.


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