Finding Hope with Jinny Mae

A year ago, my friend Jinny Mae received a dreaded diagnosis that was followed by sixth months of intense treatment. Since then, I almost forget she still receives treatment and periodic check-ups because she’s got even more energy and enthusiasm for life than ever.

I was thinking about that as I drove to her home this morning to do some exploring. I was also thinking about my young neighbor, a tween, who received a similar diagnosis this past week and started his own journey through the treatment process, with his family beside him and the entire town behind him.

So, this one is for Jinny Mae and Ky.


Beginning with a dandelion–may you find bright spots along the path.


When stonewalls are placed in front of you, may you pause like the tortoise and then continue your journey in a steadfast manner.

j-ph fern

Know that those moments when you must curl up will be followed by . . .

j-ph fern2

time when you’ll slowly unfurl.

j-fern 4

May you eventually feel like spreading your wings again.

j-ph bog1

May you find beauty even when you’re bogged down,

j-male green frog

and delight in most everything within your sight.

j-big tooth1

May you feel new life flow through your veins,

j-ph ladys slipper1

and embrace tender moments.

j-ph coty science

May you always be wowed by the little things,

j-ph coty 1

especially those that have been there all along but somehow you missed until now.

j-ph dandy seeds 2

At the end of the day, may the hope enveloped within the moon and stars continue to shine upon you.



9 thoughts on “Finding Hope with Jinny Mae

  1. I’ve just forwarded this beautiful, hopeful message to our nephew who just completed chemo and radiation on his road to recovery. Love you, and your writings, Leigh.

    Faith sent from my Ipad


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  2. You have the gift to capture with your words and your pictures just everything what is really important. The very very BEST for your friends, even so we don’t know them personally, but through you we now do. Ursula and Wolfgang >

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  3. Leigh that was really beautiful. I can only imagine how nice it made JM feel, and to know she has a friend as nice as you!

    How many times must the cannonballs fly before they’re forever banned? Bob Dylan

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  4. Dear Leigh…..going through my email box, trying to clean it up. I had saved this to read again later…..and now is later! I’m so happy that I did. Now that I ‘know’ Janet and Ky, it’s all the more meaningful. I’m also going to forward to a friend who has been going through a lot with diagnoses of families and friends…… Think of you very often……it brings a smile to my face.

    Faith sent from my Ipad



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