Searching for The Beautiful

Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” -Frederick Buechner

My lovely neighbor posted this on her Facebook page last night in reaction to the sudden turn her family’s journey has taken. And so, while she went in search of the beautiful this morning, and found it in a few surprising places, I did the same. Of course, the terrible also presented itself.

This one is for you, Binaca–and your amazing ability to always put a positive spin on life.

ph-Stevens Brook

While muted colors reflected in the calm water,

p-yellow warbler 1

a yellow warbler foraged on a nearby willow.


I trust he found plenty to eat because food seemed plentiful everywhere I turned, from teeny tiny to . . .

ph-stinkbug horns1



(I hope this is a predator species of stink bug and not a plant eater.)

ph-lupine 4

Hairy coverings didn’t necessarily mean the aliens wouldn’t invade.

ph-elm growth

And despite not always seeing the muncher, I was amazed by the patterns created, including this rooster’s comb.

ph-leaf munch1

And then there were diminishing holes to admire and wonder about–reminiscent of skipping stones jumping across the water’s surface.

p-dandy bee

Some visitors were most welcome.

p-dandy seeds

And because of them, I could see the future blowing in the breeze,

p-box elder

and pouring forth with seeds of hope.

ph-balsam growth1

New opportunities graced the tips of twigs.


And the beautiful was visible in buds and blossoms.


Stop your searching, Binaca, for you are the beautiful.




6 thoughts on “Searching for The Beautiful

  1. A wonderful series of photos………and beautiful, positive remarks……..

    Faith sent from my Ipad


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    1. Thanks Martha. I’m trying to find ways to be supportive. On Facebook, I’ve started a page for Ky–every day I post one or two nature photos. I wish I could figure out what more to do to help them, but as Bill said, when they figure out what they need, they’ll let us know. And you know that she truly is beautiful both inside and out.


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