Book of July: Not a book

Huh? How can a book of July not be a book? When it’s a magazine. I’ve decided to promote Lake Living magazine this month, rather than The Forest Unseen: A Year in Nature by David George Haskell. Perhaps that will be next month’s book.

mag (1)

OK, so this is a biased opinion since I write for Lake Living, but I swear that each issue is better than the last and the last was pretty darn good. Here’s the thing. Yes, the mag focuses on the greater Bridgton lakes region of Maine, but there’s something in it for everyone no matter where you live.

knots (1).jpg

Among this season’s selections is an article about knot tying written by Perri Black and illustrated by Christine Erikson. Perri pulls the reader in with a whimsical look at the history of knots and her relationship with trying to tie one. And then, she and Christine show us how to tie three knots: bowline, tautline hitch and “An elegant hanger for a coil of rope.” Perri’s thoughts about the latter: “I love this one. It is, indeed, elegant, and if you make a real mess of tying other knots with the rope, no one will ever know because at least the rope will look pretty when hanging in your workshop or garage and give the impression that you know what you’re doing.”

Farmers' (1)

Another delightful article is “The Smallest Steps” by Julia Marino, in which she invites us into her experience of discovering the wonders of farmers’ markets. It’s followed by two of her favorite recipes.

Mushrooms (1)

Speaking of recipes, in this issue, you’ll notice recipes attached to three articles, including one by yours truly about “The Mushroom Guys.” Even though they are located in the area, you can visit their Web site,, to place an order or find out when you might join a foray.

Coda (1)

Coda’s Tale by editor/publisher Laurie LaMountain is on the more serious side. Her dog, Coda, contracted anaplasmosis in 2015 and in this article Laurie shares the details of pain and suffering–with a happy ending. Thank goodness.

book reviews (1)

A constant in the summer and winter issues, and something many people look forward to–book reviews by Pam and Justin Ward, owners of Bridgton Books, and Perri Black, who also works for them. We are thankful to have an independent book store nearby and love that we can walk in and be greeted personally by the staff, who oft times will recommend books because they know our preferences. I encourage you to read their reviews in full and then head off to an independent shop where you can develop the same relationship. Or visit Bridgton Books.

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There’s more. And it’s a holiday weekend. So brew a cup of coffee or pot of tea and sit down with Lake Living. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free. Yep. You can view it on-line or pick it up in a local shop. (Unless you live “away” as we say in Maine, and then a subscription is $20.) Of course, in order to provide a magazine at no cost, we depend on advertisers. Please support them and let them know where you saw their ad.

Lake Living magazine, not a book, but certainly worth a read.

Lake Living magazine, published quarterly by Almanac Graphics, Inc.