Goodbye Autumn

On this last day of autumn 2016, nature put on a display worth donning extra layers for  along Sucker Brook at the Greater Lovell Land Trust’s Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve.


Morning light provided magical moments filled with otherworldly beauty.


In response to constant movement and changing temperatures,


original beauty knew no end.


While brook smoke danced along sunbeams,


ice sculptures formed with the flow.


Hoar frost brought diversity of visions . . .


in detailed formations and . . .


intricate presentations.


Nothing was left untouched by the hand of the artist.


Before our eyes the seasons transitioned. Light. Shadows. Textures. Colors. Layers.

Goodbye autumn. Welcome winter.

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Autumn

    1. Hi Lynn
      I have lived in NH since UNH in the mid 60’s. Was in the Peace Corps in Ghana for 3 years with my wife Margaret, and our two children were born there. We are both retired now and have been back to Ghana twice in the last 4years. Our son Kevin lives in southern Maine and daughter Lisa is nearby in Nashua NH. Let’s reconnect! ..your cousin Bill


  1. Received you card today and I found your blog. Great photos and beautifully written. For the last few years I have been somewhat negligent about doing cards, and I have tried to simplify my life by “losing friends that I needed losing, found others on the way”. (Maura O’Connell, “Caledonia”). This of course does not apply to you! One of these days, Leigh….

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      1. He and wife Becky live in Lebanon, 7 miles over the border from Rochester, NH. He works in Barrington, NH. Where are your two sons?


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