Son-date Mondate

Let me begin by saying Happy New Year. And thanking all of you who take the time to read my musings about nature and life.

Today being a Monday, my guy and I had a plan in mind. At the top of the list–put Christmas away for another year. Oh, the creche remains out because the Magi haven’t yet arrived, but as much as I love all the decorations and memories of each year, I equally love packing it all up and starting fresh again.


And then I stole a few minutes to step out the door and explore. Immediately, the snow  on the barn shed made me wonder. It looked as if we’d placed it on the hook for another time when we might need to use it.


At the infamous power line, I could actually see the towers atop Mount Washington. If you look closely at the tallest peak, you may see them as well. Such was the crisp, clear air today.


My wanderings took me deep into the woods, where I saw tracks and sign left behind by everything from mouse . . .


to moose.  Again, moose tracks were plentiful and where they followed my snowshoe tracks, I noted that they sank at least twice as far down as I had, with no belly drag which speaks to the size of these mammals.


Several times I found moose hair that caused me to crouch for a closer inspection.


Salt and pepper in color, I could see a mixture of soft, downy hair and the hollowed rods that help insulate this largest of woodland creatures.


Heading toward home, a leaning gray birch called for attention as it poured out life from last year’s catkins.


Fleur de lis and seeds coated the snow surface.


Those tiny seeds, butterfly-like in their winged structure will eventually float to the ground and someday I’ll need to step around the trees they become. That is, if the birds and wee critters don’t eat them first. Such is the way of things in the forest.


Once again, I found the trail and discovered I wasn’t the only one playing.


These two guys of mine decided to head off into the sunset. I preferred not to join them in their bobble-head mode.


They didn’t get far because the trail has not yet been groomed. And so we continued our chores, but also took time to play–shooting photographs,


cleaning roof tops,


and practicing jumping skills.


We shared our Mondate with our youngest son before he heads off on a different trail–returning to Colorado for a few more months. We’re thankful for the time we’ve had with him and especially today–working and playing side by side one more time before his next journey begins.



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  1. Love it! Snow shield on the hook, visible towers atop Mt. Washington, and an unusual view of the Hayes men, working playfully! 💕. Happy New Year, Leigh and family.

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