Lake Living Magazine: Winter Issue

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but indeed, I do. Especially if the book isn’t really a book, but rather a magazine called Lake Living. One look at those vibrant hacky sacks against the snow on the cover of the new winter issue and I find myself mindful, each time seeing a different configuration of the whole or focusing on a single feature.

And then there is the content, from Laurie LaMountain’s editorial comment ending with “Our collective differences have the power to both define us and unite us,” to the book reviews by the staff of Bridgton Books.


Of course, thrown into the mix are the articles, including Laurie’s eloquent feature about hacky sack and relationships, ending with a challenge to all of us. A must read.

And don’t miss my two contributions, “digging for roots” about genealogy and the Fryeburg Historical Society’s Kendal C. and Anna Ham Research Library; and “forever green” about . . .  evergreen trees.

Laurie’s been producing the magazine for twenty years and I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with her for the last twelve. Here’s to the future.

P.S. If you live locally, please mention the mag when you are shopping. Remember, the mag is free and therefore totally dependent upon advertisers. It can’t survive without your support.

5 thoughts on “Lake Living Magazine: Winter Issue

  1. Didn’t know you were into Ancestry. I am fairly regular volunteer for “find-a-grave” although they’ve been sending me too far afield lately. But I didn’t know about the Freyburg library. Definitely need to explore Linda’s questionable roots there (she has a notorious indian slayer in her ancestry – she may have told you – he didn’t end up well – Kangamagus got to him. Oh, and if you need help with the Taube family – I’ll volunteer, after all, we live on Trauertauben Lane…


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  2. Yes, indeed! The research library is closed for the winter, but you can contact Linda Drew and she might accommodate you! She’s really sweet. It used to be located close to you in Fryeburg Harbor! As for the Taube family–we need to talk, H. And I want to know more about Linda’s questionable roots! Oh what fun.


  3. I encountered this magazine on a visit to the Lovell area. I reside in the summer on Long Pond in the Belgrade Lakes. Is it possible to get copies there on a regular basis? Thank you, Susan Gay

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