Peace on Earth

One touch of nature and it seems to me we’d be able to achieve world peace, that idealistic concept of happiness, freedom and cooperation among all peoples and all nations.

o-ice on beech leaves

On a frigid winter day it would be extraordinary if only we could encourage more people to step outside and observe the beauty of the natural world. Of course, all would need to be  dressed for the conditions so they felt comfortable, and appropriately equipped so they could travel with some ease, and . . . and . . .  and. But still, surrounded by leaves blanketed with snow, and icicles extended like fingers reaching out to others, how could anyone resist sharing a collective awe.

o-ice and snow illuminated by sun

Snow and ice and more snow. And suddenly, the world transformed and branches intertwined in ways we’ve not seen before and the same could be true for all of us. Perhaps the key is to figure out how much snow and ice and snow creates such interesting intersections. And how we can do the same–make interesting interactions.

o-ice on pine like Hawaiian grass skirts

Be they conifers wearing grass skirts,

o-birch catkins enclosed

or catkins wrapped in union suits, nothing went untouched in the Christmas weekend storms.

o-ice on maple

Frozen condensation clung . . .

o-ice drips

in various formations and reflected all sort of colors.

o-ice on usnea lichens

I wished I’d seen it all transpire. But I wasn’t able to until today and then, I was grateful for the opportunity and wonder of it all. I traveled alone, but in perfect hind sight, wish I’d invited another to join me.

o-ice above

To rejoice in those sparkling high above . . .

o-gray birch arches

and appreciate the burden of others bending low.

o-gray birches meet in the middle

To recognize new dance partners in the midst.

o-ice on pine finale

One step at a time. One look. One touch. One acknowledgement. One smile. And then two smiles. And three. And four. And many more.

Peace on Earth.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

~William Shakespeare


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  1. Merry New Year to you, Leigh. You brighten my world!! You have such a wonderful way of catching the spirit of Maine and the beauty of nature around us. Thank you.


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