Starring Wondermyway

I always wanted to be a movie star, albeit, one who didn’t have to perform in front of anyone. And recently Lake Region Television gave me that opportunity when they asked me to share some posts from And so, here is a link to the video. It’s only seven minutes long; I still have eight minutes of fame left to acquire. Turn down the sound so I don’t put you to sleep and just enjoy the photos. If are a regular follower, you should recognize all of them. Here’s the link:

10 thoughts on “Starring Wondermyway

  1. Oh Leigh, it is a spectacular narrative and photo story! I thing it will “go viral”. Absolutely lovely. Can’t wait to see more. Hearing the birds and insects singing is so refreshing at this more quiet time of year. Thank you! Miriam


    1. Ah Miriam, thank you. I doubt it will “go viral,” but am happy to have the opportunity to share what I see and hear. Thanks also for Mrs. Minot Carter’s poem.


  2. I have only just got round to watching this. Well done Leigh, it works every bit as well as a video as it does as a blog. Great photos and elegant writing, as always.


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