Wondermyway meets the Bangor Daily News

At the nudging from one of the founders of the Maine Master Naturalist Program, Dorcas Miller, I submitted an article to the “Act Out” section of the Bangor Daily News.

To my pleasant surprise, it was accepted. (And they’ve asked for another–yippee!)

Here’s the link: https://bangordailynews.com/2019/12/10/act-out/maine-naturalist-befriends-a-ruffed-grouse/

Many, many thanks to Aislinn Sarnacki of the Bangor Daily News and “Act Out with Aislinn” for making it all happen.

2 thoughts on “Wondermyway meets the Bangor Daily News

  1. Good Morning Leigh.
    Enjoyed your article this morning about your Ruffed Grouse encounter. My wife and I also have a friend who we met in May her name is Penny the Partridge. We visit her behind our house each afternoon and spend about 20 minutes each day. She loves Blueberries organic of course and will eat about 30 . Sometimes I drive my Ranger ATV down and she jumps on the back and forages in the back for berries and spinach. After her meal she heads into the woods all fluffed up and goes to Roost.
    Life is Good when you can enjoy Nature.

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    1. Roger, I LOVE this story. Thanks so much for sharing it and say hello to Penny for me. We are the fortunate ones because we know the value of being outdoors.


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