Where Flakes Gather

Where flakes gather . . .

Trees don necklaces.

Hemlocks act like umbrellas.

Branches create geometric shapes.

Hieroglyphics are written upon crustose bases.

Red squirrel toes are enhanced.

Leaves transform into stained glass.

Catkins release fleur de lis scales and tiny seeds one by one.

A young woman smears on cranberry red lipstick.

A gnome watches from his hiding place.

And a snowman steps forth to ask for a dance.

All of this can only happen where snowflakes gather.

8 thoughts on “Where Flakes Gather

  1. I just opened my iPad to email you and saw this wonderful experience of today! I was going to ask what you did today..guess I know! 😎Where was this? What a beautiful snow day. We did a snowshoe walk, which was nice, no tracks, and don’t know when we will see any, as I think there will be a real hard freeze!! Move possible by Sat?? Pretty exciting!!

    “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.” Bob Dylan

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    1. Indeed, it was a beautiful snow day! And now the stories are all a jumble because of the plops. But . . . more white stuff is on the way. Hurrah!


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