Starring wondermyway: Take 2

Thanks to Evan Miller at Lake Region Television, and station manager Chris Richard, wondermyway is on TV once again. For this program, Evan added music by pianist Francis Poulenc, which greatly enhances it.

Pull up a chair and click on the link for nine minutes of wondermyway: wondermywayII

After you click on the link above, if you’d like to enlarge the screen, simply click on the icon the arrow points to in this photo. (Not on the photo, mind you {knowing me, I’d probably try that first}, but on the icon on the actual link.)

May this bring you some moments of well being and peace.

8 thoughts on “Starring wondermyway: Take 2

  1. Hi! I am Very disappointed in trying to figure out how to access your video!! I love your newsletter . I stumbled on your video but was unable to find it again! Frustrating! It is ideal for both of my grandsons . Yet, the dominant link was the town council 😳🙄 Please Could you show me the way directly to your link.? Thanks, Linda Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thanks Dennis. A touch of winter wonders. It should have been published a while ago, but then The Pause began to show its face and production slowed down. Glad you enjoyed it from the warmth of sunny California. It’s pouring in Maine right now.


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