Until We Meet Again

It’s been a week of memorial services for four friends and so I dedicate this post to them and their families.

Moments of tears,

Reflections of love,

Interspersed with humor.

Stories of wanders,

Tales of wonders,

Interspersed with generosity.

Gifts of longevity,

Embracement of days,

Interspersed with encouragement.

Celebrations of lives,

Memories of times,

Interspersed with goodbyes.

It has been my weighted honor to say good bye to Bob Vivian, Ann and Don Ineson, and JoAnne Diller. You all lived life to the fullest and I am so grateful for our time together for each of you had a way of making me feel as if I was the most important person in the world when I was in your presence. Your passings have left me sad, but equally grateful for I’ve been blessed with so many teachings that will remain with me forever . . . until we meet again.

11 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Dear Leigh,

    What an amazing tribute to four friends who you wandered and wondered together. Your pain is deep. Your feeling of loss is enormous. You will never forget the mark that these amazing people made on your heart and soul. Please know that friends care about you and truly love you. Your friends’ memories will live on through you and largely because of you. That is who you are. You were lucky to have them in your life but they were equally blessed to know you. My prayers are with you today and always.


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    1. Thank you, Eliza. The celebrations of their lives showed off their incredible contributions. All passed within the last six months but the services were within the past week, including two today. Thankfully, Covid was not the cause of death for any of them.

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  2. I feel so bad that I miss JoAnne Diller’s service at the Congregational Church. I could have gone had I known. I only found out a few hours too late.

    I appreciate you homage.

    Best Love, Carol:-)

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  3. A beautiful tribute to your friends as only you can do this with your peaceful pictures of nature and meaning full words of insight and wisdom. May your calming thoughts be with you on your wandering L.S. xo

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