The Moon and Stars Have Welcomed Jinny Mae

In 2015, my dear friend Jinny Mae (sometimes I referred to her as Jinnie Mae), was on the receiving end of an ominous cancer diagnosis. She underwent all sorts of treatments, including a Stem Cell transplant, and showed incredible bravery as she faced each set back with tenacity.

Yesterday, she lost the fight. The world has lost an incredible woman who was an engineer, not only in career, but in person and in community. I always think of engineers as seeing black and white, but Jinny Mae saw the gray areas and mastered them with her wit and creativity. She was an historian and a naturalist and a warm, inviting friend. She taught me to slow down and ask questions, to stop for great periods and pause and ponder.

Together we made discoveries and accepted the fact that the answers weren’t always obvious.

We laughed. We noticed. We questioned. We laughed some more.

I’m sad, but at the same time grateful about the fact that I got to wander and wonder with Jinny Mae on so many occasions.

Her path has changed, but I suspect she’ll continue to guide mine and for that I’ll be forever thankful.


On your new path, Jinny Mae, beginning with a dandelion–may you find bright spots along the way.


If stonewalls are placed in front of you, may you pause like the tortoise and then continue your journey in a steadfast manner.

j-ph fern

Should there be moments when you must curl up, may they be followed by . . .

j-ph fern2

times when you’ll slowly unfurl.

j-fern 4

May you spread your wings again and again.

j-big tooth1

May you feel new life flow through your veins,

j-ph ladys slipper1

and embrace tender moments.

j-ph coty science

May you always be wowed by the little things,

j-ph coty 1

especially those that have been there all along but somehow you missed until now.

j-ph dandy seeds 2

At the end of the day, may the moon and stars embrace you and remind the rest of us that you are only a whisper away.

16 thoughts on “The Moon and Stars Have Welcomed Jinny Mae

  1. That is lovely, Leigh. Perfect. I know she would love it and I know she will live on in our hearts and her spirit will guide us along our various paths.

    Thank you.

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    1. I’m so grateful that we all had the time we did with her, mine probably among the shortest of journeys. I didn’t mention the Nancies, but you know how sad that makes me, Perri.

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  2. I’ve read and reread this loving tribute, Leigh.
    I had a surprise introduction to her in the Hannaford’s parking lot a few years ago. She approached me and introduced herself to me. She had recognized me from my Facebook photo! We left our summer cottage a few days later, to return south, I never saw her again, when we spent summers in Maine, but have felt her friendship through the years.
    Truly, a very strong person.
    She will be missed by many……”Go in peace……”

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