Making Tracks into 2022 Mondate

On this coldest day of the new year, with winds gusting from the north, my guy and I chose to go for a walk on a beach and peer into the future. What did we see?

A clean slate to start.

What did we learn? Rather than clam up, be happy and express your true colors.

Break free from the crowd occasionally and make sure your pop is the loudest.

Know that some layers will erode, but still, strong roots will persist.

Find works of nature’s art in the midst.

Recognize the value of local plants just like your Dad always did.

Liken bursts of sunshine upon rocks that add color to gray days.

Take a brief second to pause, as you skitter along.

If you feel trapped, find a way out.

Spew when you need to, but do make it colorful and dramatic.

Despite the cold temperature, paddle like heck.

When the moment is right, ride the waves.

Let life’s lines intersect and go with the pattern presented.

And most of all, together make tracks as you step into 2022.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.

8 thoughts on “Making Tracks into 2022 Mondate

    1. Ahhh. It was a different locale for us from western Maine. Do you recognize it? Popham Beach. A chance to fill the innermost recesses of our lungs with some fresh salt air that reached back to our childhoods spent along the coast–Mass for my guy and CT for me.


  1. Oh cool I just commented on another post, wondering where you were at and you are in Maine! I went to the ocean (near Reid State) on New Years eve… hoping to see the Steller’s Sea Eagle and my wish came true! Your pictures are just beautiful thank you for sharing 🙂

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