Beatitudes For My B.S.

Dear Sis,

This one is for you as you celebrate a special milestone.

Be grateful for the stones laid by Mom and Dad that proved to be a strong foundation withstanding time.

Be sure to take time to bask in the sun and reflect on the past and present, while pondering the future.

Be unlike the Wood Frog moms who leave the pool shortly after laying their eggs and don’t nurture their children.

Be especially proud of the children you gave birth to and the nephews you’ve also supported and the four grandsons who now grace your life.

Be open to unfurling, making sure others pause to note your intricate inner beauty.

Be your true beach girl, even if you’ve traded the ocean for a pond and now appreciate a beech of another kind.

Be on the lookout for a natural color palette as you create quilts to comfort family and friends.

Be the runways of a Painted Trillium and attract pollinators to your inner goodness.

Be aware that though some may wish to see you hobble along the path, there is beauty to be found on the way.

Be careful of your transportation and should it get lodged by a tree, turn it into a lawn ornament.

Be able to use your tenacious spirit to turn boulders into rolling stones.

Be an engineer and build another dam should the first be breached.

Be willing to let go of those moments when you realize you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

Be loud when you need to and sound off like Woody the Woodpecker when the occasion calls for it.

Be willing to ask for a lifeline when necessary.

Be like me and continue to follow your guy as I know you do.

And at the end of the day, be like a chipmunk and hug a tree or all that stand still.

Be. Just be. My B.S. My Bestest Sister.

Happy Birthday to you and Happy Mother’s Day too.

Oh, and don’t forget, be like Bert and Ernie and Edith Ann and continue to lighten others spirits with your humor.

4 thoughts on “Beatitudes For My B.S.

  1. Hi Leigh,

    I so love this post for your sister—and I am sending it on this morning to my sister in England whose birthday is today. I think she will love it. I also want to share it with a friend, Jamie Tessler, who like you loves to tramp and notices exquisite things and documents them. You might enjoy seeing some of her photos on Facebook. Thanks again for this post, for the recent vernal pool writeup, and for all the rest. We’ll be up in Kezar early July and hope to see you then. Lisa Hirsh


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    1. Thanks for writing and for sharing this with your sister and friend, Lisa. Looking forward to seeing you and DB when you head north.


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