Making a Happy Face

Earthward they fell
So many flakes of white.
The forest enhanced
with accents to delight.
Even trees long dead
whorled with new light.
Pine saplings bent over
shortening their height . . . 
Mimicking hemlocks,
who were ever so slight.
Flakes piled upon shrubs
in a manner upright,
While others dangled
defying gravity's might. 
Meanwhile, the flying snag
prepared to take flight,
Just as the oak leaf
grabbed a blanket for tonight.
In the midst of it all,
calm water reflected varying light,
While flowing water
offered a beautiful sight. 
Feeling giddy about this snowstorm
I made a tree sprite.
In fact, I made two
with the intention to make others' days bright. 

4 thoughts on “Making a Happy Face

  1. Leigh…that is wonderful! I love It!! We got slammed… electric recording just said 1-3 days without power😱and we’ve been without for 15 hours already..snow is beautiful! I hope we get sun to show it off even more before we leave! Your words were beautiful and I love the ?black and white photos!

    “May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.”

    BOB DYLAN, Forever Young:

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