Easter Parade 2023

Though not the extravagance of Fifth Avenue, this Easter Parade is much more to our liking. Simple, yet eloquent in nature.

The white carpet was rolled out making us feel most welcome and we easily strolled upon it.

There were several occasions when the parade route appeared to be smooth as glass, but each step had a rippling effect.

It was such fun to watch cheerleaders along the sidelines perform their routines with pompoms created by flowering Silver Maples.

Competition for the best Easter Bonnet included tassels of Speckled Alder, and . . .

Pussy Willow plumes.

Ring-necked Ducks peaked their heads as they watched the marchers progress.

And Wood Ducks performed their “oo-eek, oo-eek” while swishing into the air for a flyover.

Accompanying them was a Hairy Woodpecker on percussion and . . .

Red-winged Blackbird offering a “conk-la-ree” trill.

A couple of fluttery marchers donned their mourning cloaks before flying off to another viewing spot.

We thought the butterflies were enough to make us happy about attending this parade, but then we heard a certain ephemeral wruck and knew that like antique cars, which always slow the show down, we’d have to wait a few minutes for the Wood Frogs to turn the corner. (Look carefully and you might spy two canoodlers under a leaf.)

There was so much to see including a lodge-like float that passed by us and included an advertisement for mud insulation.

Oh, and those geese and crows, how much they must have practiced to get their marching routine synchronized.

As it should, this Easter Parade finally drew to a close at the mighty oak, but left hope and awe and wonder hovering in the air.

Happy Easter 2023.

4 thoughts on “Easter Parade 2023

  1. Oh Leigh, What a joyful, playful Easter parade! Thank you so much, and happy Easter and happy Passover!

    The lower bay of Kezar is having ice-out in progress today, and we saw the first loon sailing between the fingers of ice.


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    1. Thanks Jo. And for stopping by to read this.

      It’s great to hear the good news about the ice going out. And a loon sighting. It won’t be long now.

      Happy Passover to you!


  2. Love it!! I had to look carefully, but think I spied the canoodlers!! I,m sure that Easter was a nice celebration at St Peter’s. We’ve been at Dan’s for the weekend….home tomorrow

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