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6 thoughts on “Copyright Notice

  1. Greetings, I just read your splendid blog about my book Fascinating Fungi of New England. Thanks so much! Are you in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom? I’ve led several mushroom forays there in the last few years. Best, Lawrence Millman


    1. Mr Millman, I am so excited to hear from you! I am not in the Northeast Kingdom, though I visited Brownington/Orleans/Barton a couple of weeks ago. I’m in western Maine near North Conway, New Hampshire. I’m the education director for the Greater Lovell Land Trust and we have two twenty-somethings who are our mushroom gurus. Here’s a link to their Web site:
      Thanks again for commenting. I hope you’ll take a look at some of my other blog posts. Sincerely, Leigh Macmillen Hayes


  2. Hello! I hope you are doing well! Your blog is wonderful :)!!

    I am a postdoc at UC Davis working in agriculture, but I worked on an American chestnut breeding program in college. I was wondering if I could use one of your photos (a close up of the bark of American chestnut) in a manuscript I am writing. I would of course give you photo credit in the manuscript under the photo.

    Thanks for considering!

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    1. It would be an honor, Chandler. Funny thing, a member of the Maine Chapter of the American Chestnut Fdn is meeting me on Friday to provide a program about chestnuts for some middle school children and we’ll take them to see the tallest American chestnut in North America, as well as some saplings planted on land trust property.


  3. Dear Leigh Macmillen Hayes,
    thank you for your wonder blog pages. I discovered them while researching wildlife scat photos for a children trail (on a conservation easement in northern Idaho). The trail, Judy’s Trail, is across the street from the Troy, Idaho grade school and is used by students and teachers to learn about wildlife and plants. We are placing interpretive signs along the trail and have a need for scat photos. Would it be possible to use some of your scat photos for the wildlife sign?

    Thank you for considering this request.
    Antonia Hedrick, graphic designer

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