Published Works

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Lichen spread 2107.0402 (3)

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LEA keeps close watch on water quality

LEA’s Holt Pond Preserve — well worth a visit

Songo River: A clean-up success story

LEA opens the Maine Lake Science Center

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5 thoughts on “Published Works

    1. Hey Tom, yes we did take Al’s class together. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve actually been using an iPhone for the most part the past few months, but have Canon Rebel and a Canon Powershot. If Al were still alive, I’m not sure he would approve of my latest choice. But for the most part, it takes a decent shot. Question for you, I know you’ve wandered the woods looking at stone walls. Have you ever been along the Greater Lovell Land Trust’s Heritage Trail on Amos Mountain? There’s a structure there I’d love to have your take on. ~Leigh


      1. It’s not the technology; it’s the person with the eye to frame a shot. I believe Al agreed with that. I saw a display at Maine Med a few years ago of photos all taken with an iPhone by a member of the staff. They were great. You have more versatility with a DSLR of course, but don’t knock iPhones.

        Yes, I have been up that trail, but before it was controlled by the Land Trust, and I remember a cellar hole. I’m guessing you would like to know who lived there. Trouble is, I’m not sure. I’d have to return and get my bearings as to which side of Amos Mountain the trail went up. It’s been so long, I don’t remember. If you send me your email address (you have mine), I’ll send you scans of both the the 1858 and 1880 maps of that area showing the then-existing homesteads and their owners’ names. Perhaps you can determine where on these maps the cellar hole is. Possibly the place had been abandoned and collapsed even before the 1858 map was drawn up, but that would surprise me.


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