Starring wondermyway, episode 3 on LRTV

Thanks to Evan Miller at Lake Region Television, wondermyway is on TV once again. For this program, Evan added music by pianist Abbey Simon.

Settle into a comfy chair and click on the following link to listen to fourteen minutes of wondermyway: wondermywayIII

Clicking on the photo won’t pull up the video, so be sure to click on the link above the photo.

May this bring you some moments of well being and peace.

12 thoughts on “Starring wondermyway, episode 3 on LRTV

  1. Very nice and relaxing! 🙏

    ” Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take ‘til he knows that

    too many people have died? “

    Bob Dylan

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  2. Leigh, this is SO beautiful!!! Your photography is stunning, and the writing so rich, lyrical, and full of natural history. Wow. I’m stunned! Pippi

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  3. Leigh A perfect partner to my cup of tea on a drizzly slow morning. Nothing quite so gratifying as seeing a student leap and bound beyond a mentor to such realms of glory. Thank you for being such a beautifully articulate and graphic ambassador of the natural world. Susan

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