Thinking Big

A return trek to the old neighborhood off Hut Road in Stoneham left me thinking big.

J.M joined me for this exploration and it’s a wonder we got any further than our parking place beside Great Brook.

Great Brook

It was a sensational, albeit too warm for this time of year, December day. We could have spent all our time taking in the sounds and smells and sights as the water coursed over the rocks.


But we pulled ourselves away and went in search of a time gone by. Single and double-wide stone walls line the old road and mark pastures and gardens. Miles of walls.

rock pile

And dotting the landscape–piles of rocks picked from the ground. This was farm country before the forest took over.

fdn 1root cellar

We called on the neighbors and were glad they didn’t mind us examining their root cellar. The only contents–old porcupine scat in the back corner.


The foundation is big and must have supported a large family. Today, it’s home to a large family tree.


It always excites us to find other signs of life–including a stone-lined well; it’s a deep subject.

fdn 2

The neighbors lived up the street in an equally large home. Were they related? We’re still trying to figure that out.

Red Rock Brook

We paused beside Willard Brook before turning back.

polypores chaga

Passing through rich woods, we found ourselves in the land where giant polypores and chaga thrive.

moose scat

That’s not all that thrives here. Moose browse on striped maple and piles of scat were abundant.

bearblack bear scat

We practically tripped over the biggest scat of all. Well, J.M. tripped. And that’s how it caught our attention. Classic. Love it.

sugar maple

Equally impressive in size and perseverance. And age. The sugar maples.


And because J.M. was with me, we saw things I may have passed by like the ice patterns on leaves. We celebrated hiking together knowing that the small things in life are the biggest.

8 thoughts on “Thinking Big

  1. I enjoyed this!! I used some photos, hopefully meeting all requirements, on my own blog just now.
    Loved the link to the previous post (and the turtle interpretation of the boulder nearby).


    1. Thanks for stopping by and for reposting images and words with credit to my site. I appreciate that. It’s certainly a wonder-filled world out there.


    1. Tim, you have me thinking. Thanks for sharing Peter’s blog and yours. I’ll take a look and see if I can find any similarities at the GLLT mystery stone site. Might actually get there again this week, but no guarantee.


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